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For four decades Incoronato & Company has built and remodeled homes in northwest Montana that reflect the unique people who live in them. Since 1974 we have successfully taken on ambitious projects, delivering the highest level of general contractor services to our clients. We strive to maintain the traditions of great craftsmanship, making each and every detail as perfectly as possible. At Incoronato & Company every project is about these details and no detail is insignificant. The homes we build reflect quality craftsmanship through and through.


We work on all kinds of projects, from small remodels to custom dream homes. No matter what the scale, we employ creativity and collaboration to build something that we are all proud of. We are fortunate to do work that is our passion and each project is a realization of that committment to excellence.





Incoronato & Company is led by founder Ron Incoronato alongside Project Manager Jared Incoronato, in collaboration with an experienced team of Flathead Valley's most highly skilled individuals. 





We have created lasting value and lasting relationships. Many of our clients have engaged us for multiple projects. We take client privacy seriously, yet a few clients have encouraged us to share their experiences:



"Ron Incoronato is an excellent choice for remodeling or new construction work, possibly the best you can find. Ron has done 2 jobs for us: new construction after removing an existing structure and extensive renovation of our lake house including a second level addition. These were very unusual jobs and required a high degree of creativity and problem solving. The quality of the workmanship and materials is outstanding, but the overall cost of the projects was reasonable. Similar experiences in Missoula have been much more expensive. Ron keeps the work site tidy and clean. Job projects stay on schedule and you can expect him to anticipate problems and be pre-active in their resolution.


          - Eric W. Reimers



"The key to the success of the remotely managed project is effective communications and having a knowledgeable and trustworthy contractor working with you every step of the way.  Ron did an outstanding job keeping us up-to-date and we maintained constant communication via fax, telephone and E-mail.  Ron was very responsive and sensitive to our needs.  He maintained the level of confidence and trust that we expected from a professional.
Ron provided us with weekly updates as well as sending us photographs of the work in progress.  Ron kept us so well informed, that when we returned to the United States, we felt like we were on site during the entire construction. There were NO surprises and everything was done according to plan. Ron also did an excellent job keeping the project on track despite considerable problems with very severe weather conditions. Ron was well organized and he confirmed our belief that we had the best contractor working on our project.
Ron Incoronato provided excellent client service throughout the entire project and we were especially impressed with his follow-up support after the project was completed. Ron’s sense of professionalism, personal dedication and commitment enabled us to build our home with complete confidence. Knowing Ron Incoronato made our “dream” home into a “reality” and we very much appreciated his dedication and hard work. Ron was a pleasure to work with and we would highly recommend him to anyone seeking the best contractor available!"
           - Ed & Toni Quigley



"One of the most important aspects of Ron’s work is his creative impulse... He often suggested important opportunities for utilizing depth, space, and texture in new exciting ways. The result has been the creation of a living space that is both functional and artistic. Ron persuaded us to augment our own ideas with creative ideas in lighting, split ceilings, eating nooks and art displays that are now built into the living space as if they always belonged there."


          - Ronda and Dan Molloy



"After 30 years of living in 6 states and 7 countries, we came home to Montana much changed by our experiences. Finding a builder with the knowledge and experience to help us “fuse” our art and antique collections, architectural elements and influences into the design of our dream home would have been very difficult anywhere in the United States; but lucky for us we found world class builder Ron Incoronato living right here in Montana to help us realize our ambitious plans.


Ron Incoronato  has traveled the world extensively and always had an eye cast upward at the design and building techniques of structures. I recall our first conversation: not only did Ron know how to design an Asian style “swooped roof” but he understood its purpose was to mimic nature (like the wings of a bird) and was sensitive to the need for it to be harmonious with its surroundings. During construction, we often saw him teaching and helping many of his expert tradesmen learn new techniques. Ron’s unique 40 years of experience and creativity guided us with the thousands of choices required of us. Actually, Ron had such a good sense of what we wanted to achieve that we often relied on his judgment and left many decisions to him.” 


          - Jerry and Jan Norskog


"Amidst the parameters of deadlines, product availability, trouble shooting, coordinating labor, delivery mishaps, client priorities and budget, working on a Parade Home offers privilege and plenty of challenging adventure! It is under those conditions that those involved show their true colors. 

Ron Incoronato has shown himself to possess integrity, patience and a creative vision that extended from areas such as designing a fireplace wall to landscape design. Life is too short to miss opportunities to recognize virtue, and my hope is that you will have the opportunity to acknowledge his behind the scenes excellence as testified by someone with an inside view."


          - Jan Bates






Incoronato and Company has been honored with many Parade of Homes awards over the years. Sponsored by the Flathead Building Association, Parade of Homes is an annual event in Flathead Valley that celebrates great quality, craftsmanship and teamwork in building. Our awards have included:






  • Best Craftsmanship

  • Best Kitchen

  • Judge's Choice


  • People's Choice

  • Best Floor Plan

  • Best Executive Home


  • Best Dream Home

  • Best Master Suite

  • Best Interior Decorating



We teamed up with architect Keith Beck to build two guesthouses on Flathead Lake for clients who had spent many years living in Asia. They wanted to incorporate antiques within the architecture and design of the homes and the results were award winning. Read about it in Timber Home Living Magazine.


Incoronato & Company teamed up with architect Keith Beck on the design and construction of Bear Dance Village, a cluster of luxury condominiums with an old world twist. Read about it in Timber Home Living Magazine.

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